Episode 281: Cold Calling is Better Than Social Selling (and AI is on the downturn)

Welcome to Making Sales Social! In this episode, titled “Cold Calling is Better Than Social Selling (and AI is on the downturn),” hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods take a surprising turn away from their usual focus on LinkedIn and social selling. Buckle up as they dive into why they believe cold calling is making a comeback, leaving social selling and AI in the dust. From the adrenaline rush of interrupting someone’s day to the mystery caller advantage, Brynne and Bob explore the nostalgia of smile and dial tactics. But don’t be fooled—this episode is packed with April Fools’ Day fun! Tune in for insights on the importance of personalized outreach, generating engaging social media content, and leveraging AI for dynamic product descriptions. Join Brynne and Bob as they navigate the evolving landscape of sales, reminding us all to make our sales social. Don’t miss out—subscribe to the podcast and leave a review to let us know what you think!

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