Mastering LinkedIn for Social Selling 4-week session

Week 1

Value-Centric Profile

Optimizing the LinkedIn profile, from a resume to a resource. From search engine optimization to branding you as the vendor of choice, this program will help you position your profile to attract, teach and engage your buyers.

Week 2

Content Strategy

Thought leadership: creating, curating, and engaging on content is foundational to attracting your targeted audience and starting conversations on LinkedIn. During this week we will cover the essentials to sharing insights and being of value to your audience in a way that gets their attention and starts conversations.

Week 3

Nurture Connections

Nurture New and Existing Connections – During this program, participants will learn how to search their current connections to identify who they want to engage, learn ways to help them build and deepen their relationships and welcome new connections into their network.

Week 4

Warm Market Prospecting

Warm Market Prospecting – Leveraging existing connections to gain access to targeted stakeholders is one of the most powerful tools LinkedIn offers. Through targeted searches, participants will learn how to find out who in your network can make introductions to ideal clients, referral partners, and proven outreach strategies to start meaningful conversations.