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LinkedIn Prospects

The Projects Section on LinkedIn can be used in many different ways, but one of my favorites is for case studies. Prospective clients doing their due diligence love to read your success stories, and offering a quick view of how you have helped your clients is a powerful way to get engagement. You want to be clear and concise and get your message across quickly.

Here is a simple case study layout that you are welcome to use as a guide:

Client: Healthcare Insurance Company in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Driver: Due to the shift in the healthcare environment and the change in broker compensation, it was critical for our client to sign on a few new clients to not just maintain their revenue but grow.

Challenge: Client had difficulty identifying the influencers and decision makers in their target market (Fortune 1000 companies). Even when they did find the right people, getting past the gatekeeper was nearly impossible due to the endless call volume and the enormous competition in the industry.

Solution: We identified all the possible titles of the influencers and decision makers in the human resource departments, created saved searches with the accurate criteria including company size, location, and common connections. Once we identified key prospects we created messaging templates and a social selling plan to engage and connect. We then converted new connections to initial phone calls with strategic follow-up.

Over a 6-month period, our clients had 27 new meaningful, scheduled conversations with decision makers that converted to 8 face-to-face appointments and 3 new clients.

With permission from your client, you can add them to the the project and then it will be linked to their profile as well.

By offering specific situations that showcase your expertise in solving problems that your prospects can relate to, you are establishing your capabilities in your space and positioning yourself to be the vendor of choice.

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