Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Maruxa Murphy!

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Maruxa Murphy, Community Architect and CEO of Create Sell Impact

Nominated by: Lou Bortone


Maruxa Murphy is an award-winning community experience designer, strategist, entrepreneur, author, and catalyst for change who has been transforming communities in person and online since 2000. She leads national and international initiatives with a deep understanding of the dynamics of how people connect and share information. Maruxa is further changing the game by working with the travel, business, personal development, parenting, and coaching industries shifting how communities can be designed from “the inside out” to transform their industries from the core. Maruxa specializes in bringing people together to create profitable enterprises that do good in the world—while empowering all individuals to live their fullest lives. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Fox News, The Huffington Post, NBC, and The Austin-American Statesman as well as featured as one of 10 women-owned brands to be on the lookout for at the United Nations on Women’s Entrepreneur Day 2019.

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Maruxa’s Insights


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I’ve been asked time and time again “Maruxa, you’ve been doing this for 22 years. What is the top lesson you’ve learned about how community impacts businesses?“

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about community is that the minute we try to see people as a number on a spreadsheet or as a $, we’ve lost the whole point of the community in the first place. When I design a community as part of a business model or to create an experience within a business, we have to always remember that before profits can fully show up and be maximized, we have to put people at the forefront. We have to remember that each person in your community has a heartbeat. And when we prioritize seeing people as humans first and foremost, we can’t help but create businesses that invite us to be better leaders, create better products, and treat others with more kindness and respect. So, the best thing you can do for your business today treats people well. First, it starts with us as leaders of our companies treating ourselves well with love and compassion, then starting to see that reflected in how you support your team, your company culture, and ultimately how it trickles into the impact made on your customers and clients.


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