LinkedIn for Sales ManagersAll Sales Managers, VP and Director of Sales, and Business Owners need to ensure that their sales team is representing the company the way we expect it to, and that includes social media profiles. Do you think prospects are googling your Sales Professionals to check them out? I bet they are, and guess what comes up first almost every time? Their LinkedIn Profile, front and center. Doesn’t it make sense to have a handle on it? Here are 5 quick tips to work toward that goal:

  1. Does your sales team have a consistent profile, branding your company, telling the right story and representing your company the way you would like them to? – Create a checklist with a standard Headline, Summary, Website links and Skills that all your sales representatives can use when setting up their profile.
  2. Do you have a system to collect the contact information of your sales team’s connection? – You can have them export their connection into an Excel spreadsheet and email them to you on a monthly basis.
  3. Is your sales team leveraging their warm market to get qualified introductions by identifying whom they know that knows their target prospect? Have everyone of your sales representatives create advanced searches with filters that include their target prospect and 2nd connection – they will identify who they know that knows that prospect.
  4. Are your team members in groups where their competition or prospects are hanging out? Most people tend to gravitate toward industry specific groups and are marketing to their peers not potential clients. Share press releases, product launches and blogs in groups that will attract prospects to your website. It is a quick and easy way to get your message out in front of people you didn’t know you didn’t know.
  5. Are they posting quality content that is driving prospects to your website, or better yet converting into leads? Have a company blog with valuable content that your sales representatives would be proud to share, you are helping them position themselves as your industry experts.

LinkedIn Introduction Request Template

Identifying who you know that knows who you are looking to meet is a very powerful feature on LinkedIn, but often I am asked, now what? Here is a template that you are certainly welcome to use to create a message that sounds like you. This template can be used for your company searches, advanced and saved searches or just about anytime you identify a shared connection that you would like to ask for help.