Meet Our “Influencer of the Week,” Abraham Venismach!

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Abraham Venismach, Voice Over Artist at

Nominated by: Barry Shore


I’m Originally from Venice, California. I worked in the family business for over 25 years At age 45 I decided to sell it all and move halfway across the world to follow a dream. I wasn’t getting any younger and if not now, then when? So I went for it! We immigrated to Israel, move to a remote mountain village with a population of 90 families. I didn’t speak Hebrew or had any contacts for making a living. What I had was faith in my decision and that I had only one option… to succeed! It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, yet has been the most rewarding. I learned how to work remotely before remote was “in”. LinkedIn was one of the best tools I found to create profitable relationships… and still is! Some of my accomplishments on LinkedIn are: Over 200,000 members on our LinkedIn groups 2.3 million views on my content last year Clients from around the world I’m now picking up an old talent that I was blessed with… An amazing voice! Took Voice Over training, set up a professional studio, made a demo, and now… hitting the virtual pavement (big time on LinkedIn). The results and starting to pay off! My message to anyone who will listen… Go for your dream and it will become a reality… Believing in it 100% is the key.

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Abraham’s Insights




Here are my 3 best tips for you to succeed on LinkedIn:

1.) Know your target.

2.) Reach out with a simple honest message. (NO LONG-FORM SALES LETTERS!) Here’s mine: Hi (First Name), just popping by to introduce myself to you so you can add me to your resource list for Voice Over.

3.) Be consistent. LinkedIn doesn’t need to be overly time-consuming.

Here’s my daily routine:

– Check who

* Looked at my profile

* Reacted to my post

* Sent me an invitation to connect

– Follow up with those who messaged me

– Add value to others by liking and commenting on Post (No more than once a day)

– Prospect

– Move on with my day!

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