Building Rapport on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn RelationshipsBuilding Rapport on LinkedIn

Rapport is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a level of trust and understanding. Simply put, rapport is connection and it is important to build rapport with your prospects and clients as it gets them to be open to, accept and begin to process your suggestions.

Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of growing and sustaining relationships both personally and professionally.

In traditional sales they would teach matching your prospect’s body; maintaining eye contact; and matching breathing rhythm, speech patterns and so forth. And, when face-to-face these are all really important, but what happens when you begin building rapport online? The rules change.

Here are some important key points:

  •  Research their background, hobbies, schools, and content they and their company are sharing on social media.
  •  To build rapport you don’t have to like or agree with the content they share on social media, but you should read it and understand their position or thought process
  •  “Like”, comment or share information that they have posted to social media. They are putting content out there for people to read, they are thrilled when you take the time to make what they shared matter.
  • Find and share articles and blogs that your prospect finds helpful; in fact, I have on occasion written a blog with a specific prospect in mind.
  • Respect the email boundaries; don’t fill up your prospective client’s inbox with too many back and forth messaging – take it offline. Set an appointment to meet or speak and begin to build rapport the old fashioned way!

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