Making Sales Social Live Episode # 8 – Engaging on Content When Social Selling

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In this episode…

The Social Sales Link Team discussed engaging on content, and how to “Purposely Engage for Social Selling.”

They covered different engagement approaches, common pitfalls, and usual habits we do when trying to engage people in social media. By understanding these approaches and mistakes, we’ll have a better strategy when engaging in either online or face-to-face conversations.

Here are some tips on how to engage purposely:

* Meaningful Engagements – Create an atmosphere of genuine interest and form a mutual bond with the people you’re conversing with.

* Engage to Build Credibility – Build an attitude of interaction, by joining in on topics that will help you gain visibility. You’ll increase your credibility and hone your social skill both online and offline.

* Create Meaningful Conversations – Ask for insights on related topics and see how a conversation grows into a meaningful engagement that will benefit both the sender and recipient.

* Post Content that Will Create Engagement – Add context, opinions, and insights on posts that either you create or share. Also, don’t forget to add and give credit to the original creator (if you’re sharing other content).


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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

“Your engagement on LinkedIn should go way beyond a simple like or a “great post!” comment. It should be thoughtful and highly relevant to the content that was shared. Add value to it as well, so that starting conversations is much easier”.



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