1. Recommend someone that has served you well. Think about the vendors you have purchased from, consultants that have added value, connections that have mentored you or have provided value and recommend them on LinkedIn. Visit their profile, click on the More button and Recommend.

2. Give someone a Kudos on LinkedIn. Did your business leader do a great job of transitioning to remote work, did a co-worker help you “figure something out” or did your team go remote in stride? Let them know that you appreciate them. It is simple to do, from the Create a post, click the + sign, click Celebrate a teammate, add a name and choose an image.

3. Start more conversations. While prospecting is a challenge right now, people are more open to taking calls than ever before. Working remotely is hard, and people want a connection to the outside world – and conversations (especially Zoom Video Communications meetings) are very welcome. Reach out to your existing connections and set up a conversation.

BONUS: Now is a powerful time to make referrals for other people. So, on your calls with your connections, identify who you know that they want to meet and make the introductions. (they may be open to doing the same)