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#LinkedInLifeLive Transcription Highlights- Tue Feb 16, 2021

Brynne –15:22-17:09

One last tip to our question Are your LinkedIn connections turning into conversations”?  – Three quick tips. 

Number one: Take inventory of your connections, export your connections, or search your first-degree connections to find out who are you connected to that you’ve been forgetting about. And you can do it. It’s a little Excel spreadsheet, put a column on the left-hand side and put a little X next to all the people you want to start a conversation with.

Number two: Send a video message reconnecting with them on your mobile app, it’s really simple to do connect with any of us if you want the steps, but send them a little video message about you know that you know their name came up on LinkedIn and you thought it’s been some time since you last connected. And then ask them if they’d like some resources if they’d like to talk if there’s, you know, offer some kind of value. Maybe even if you’re interested in doing a little video interview with me or catching up on a zoom, depending on who they are right, but be a value show up with video in their inbox.

Number three: See what you can do across the board to add additional value. So you can recommend someone on LinkedIn that might have done something great for you at one time or give them a kudos, you can make a warm introduction to someone that you know they sell to or someone that would be a great networking partner for them. You can invite them to and you know if you’re any kind of networking meeting, or maybe you’re attending a really great webinar, inviting them to that even if it’s not yours, it doesn’t matter. But bring value and start the conversation around what they care about what they want to hear, not necessarily what you want to tell them.

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