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Many sales professionals and teams are exploring LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a sales enablement tool. In this video, the Social Sales Link team will discuss some of the many valuable features of LinkedIn’s sales platform.

Raw Transcript Below:

What sets Sales Navigator apart from other Lead Generation competitors?


I think one of the things is though, it’s accessing the LinkedIn database. But what sets Sales Navigator apart? First of all the filters that you can find from the LinkedIn database, which is self-updating. I get a new job. I added it to my LinkedIn page almost immediately, right. And so I believe, and I’m not positive on this, but I would argue that LinkedIn has the most current up-to-date information. 


And the other thing that I’d like to point out is when Microsoft bought LinkedIn, was because they valued LinkedIn data as a highly accurate source for their own sales organization. And again, this does speak to the entire LinkedIn database. But if you put Sales Navigator on top of it with all the neat stuff that we talked about here. it just, it just kicks the other lead generators, whatever adjective you want to put in.


And to Brynne’s point, you’re staying within LinkedIn.  And that’s very important because when you signed up to LinkedIn when you created an account, you agreed to LinkedIn Terms of Use, which said that you would not use any third-party apps, LinkedIn, so all these lead generators that say they connect to LinkedIn seamlessly?  Yes, they do. But they also violate the terms of use. And if you add nefarious LinkedIn to your Google Chrome as an extension, you can see all of the different third-party apps and lead-generating tools that LinkedIn is continually scanning for on your account. And if they find them, done, you lose, you lose access to your account, they can just kick you off the platform. My recommendation is LinkedIn offers you a 30-day trial. Take them up on that. But only do that when you have the time to go to the dim. And contact us and talk to us about some tips about how you can use it to your advantage.

Sally Jo:

If I could just add to that, become proficient at the regular LinkedIn first. You know, before you jump over to the other side, It’s also very powerful. Nothing like a navigator, obviously, because we think it’s worth it. But it’s good, I think. A good path to start with.

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