Making Sales Social Live Episode # 15 – Slow Down Your LinkedIn Outreach on to Speed Up Your Sales Outcome

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In this episode…

The Social Sales Link team talked about how to slow down your LinkedIn outreach, to speed up your sales outcome.


Things you will learn in this episode:

* On LinkedIn, it is essential that we slow down our outreach, to speed up our outcome, as this is the heart of authentic social selling. We need to take the time to learn about our connections, personalize our messages, have conversations around topics they are interested in, and build rapport… before we ever ask for a call. When we do this right, we start a trust-based relationship, that is worth more than thousands of cold connects.

* When you try to force someone into your sales pipeline on LinkedIn, you’ll look desperate and inauthentic. That’s bad enough, but it’s even worse, because everyone who’s on the receiving end of these messages will see right through you. Building an authentic relationship with a prospect is one of the keys to unlocking your successful sales efforts. The sale will come when the time is right.

* By slowing down our outreach, we have a better chance of starting more conversations, that will earn us the right to have a sales conversation in the future. By focusing on leading them to our solution, rather than leading with our solution, we guide them along a journey of discovery that leads to more raised hands.


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