Making Sales Social Live Episode # 21 – LinkedIn and Networking Partners

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In this episode…

In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, the Social Sales Link team talked about “LinkedIn and Networking Partners.”


Things you will learn in this episode:

* To strengthen your position as a true networker on LinkedIn, you need to start with the first step: making over your profile from a resume to a resource. Just as your profile “speaks” to potential clients about how you can help them, it can also communicate to interested networking partners, that you’re serving the same types of clients like them, and that connecting with you would make a great deal of sense.

* The Sales Navigator search function is one of the greatest features of the product. Where we have eleven search fields on the free version of LinkedIn, on Sales Navigator, you have twenty-five search fields. Just a couple of the more detailed fields are Spotlights (post in the last 30-days, changed jobs, etc.), Company headcount (from 1-10 all the way up to 5001-10,000), and Geography (that allows search by zip code). Also, as we search, we’re given a live count that changes as we adjust our criteria, making the search function that more robust!

* LinkedIn is a very powerful networking tool, it allows us to search and filter our networking partners’ connections. So we don’t have to leave it up to them to figure out, who to introduce us to. Best Practice: Invite them to make a list of your connections, whom they’d like to meet as well.


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