Making Sales Social Live Episode # 61 – Establishing a Productive Daily Routine on LinkedIn

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In this episode…

The LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods and the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman walks listeners through establishing a productive daily routine on LinkedIn without feeling overwhelmed by all the features and tools that are readily available on the platform.

Don’t miss out on this highly engaging discussion of the Making Sales Social Live, where our hosts try to prevent sales professionals from being stuck doing random acts of social that does nothing for their sales goals.

Learn what to do and not to do every day as well as how much time you should be spending on each task. Brynne and Bob will arm you with various tips and tricks you can apply to your daily LinkedIn activity to boost productivity, and eventually, get more sales conversations.

Connect with Brynne and Bob on LinkedIn or you can also visit our LinkedIn page to watch this episode again and get daily tips from the Social Sales Link team!

Things you will learn in this episode:

* You can keep up with what’s waiting for you on LinkedIn — network invites, messages, and notifications — with a browser plugin called “LinkedIn Extension.” This will give you a heads-up when you have anything in those categories waiting for your action without having to have LinkedIn itself open in a browser tab or window. An excellent tool to help your productivity, as you can monitor LinkedIn while doing other activities. — Bob Woods

* A random act of social is a black hole for sales professionals. Having a play book, knowing what to do and what to say not only helps you to be productive with time and resources, but also converts connections to conversations on a consistent basis. — Brynne Tillman

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