The New LinkedIn Profile Experience: Mobile and Desktop
Brynne Tillman |
Should You Connect to Your Competitors on LinkedIn?
Brynne Tillman |
One of the biggest questions I get when training sales teams, is “should I connect with my competitors?”  My response is typically these 2 questions, “Do you agree with the old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” and “Are you leveraging LinkedIn better than they are?” If you answer yes, to either, […]
Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making on LinkedIn
Bob Woods |
LinkedIn launched in May of 2003. That means it’s 18 years old. Like with any child, it’s had fits and starts while growing up. One of the aspects LinkedIn advocates is self-promotion (like a lot of teens who access social media nowadays). That’s great for most people, as they’re using it to look for new […]
Don’t “Hack” LinkedIn with Automated Apps
Brynne Tillman |
LinkedIn is a professional network that, when used correctly, just might be the most powerful business development tool available to us today. But just like every other amazing tool, there are lots of entrepreneurs trying to hack the system. A common hack used by some members is installing automated applications that, among other things, view […]
LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Three Changes We Like
Bob Woods |
LinkedIn‘s Sales Navigator is in the process of undergoing some changes. If you or your company uses Sales Navigator, chances are you might be seeing them. LinkedIn is doing a slow roll-out of the new features across its SalesNav user base. If you’re not seeing them, you will soon. In the coming weeks, I’ll be […]
LinkedIn’s My Network Page and Your Connections
Bill Mccormick |
It’s a situation (or problem, depending on your point of view) for most any LinkedIn user: gaining quality LinkedIn connections. In our monthly video, we’ll show you how to manage the invitations and connection requests you receive from other LinkedIn members. Remember – you don’t have to accept all requests! We’ll also show you what […]