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Sharing content is so important to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn connections, and curating content may be the easiest way to do that. In this #LinkedinLifeLive,​ the Social Sales Link Team will talk about ways to find content worth sharing.

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How to Curate Content for LinkedIn


We’re going to be talking about curating content for LinkedIn. curate something needs to collect, select and present information. So in this case, posts for LinkedIn information, such as pictures, videos, and music for people to use or enjoy. And here’s the kicker, using your professional or expert knowledge.

So the first way we’re going to talk about doing this is you can use hashtags to curate content. Did you know that you could go right up to the search bar, and put in a hashtag, and search for content that uses that hashtag, right up in the search bar? I put hashtag sales training, it brings up all the posts that have used those hashtags, I can then look through those posts and look for content and curate. So what I’m going to do is grab the post, grab the content, I’m going to read the content, and I’m going to make sure I agree with it. And I’m going to grab some information from that and put that into a post with my own thoughts, my own feelings, right, so that I’m showing my professional knowledge and expert opinion so that people see me as a thought leader. So that’s one way to curate content right on LinkedIn. But there are also other places on the worldwide web, where you can curate content, Bob’s going to tell you about one of those. 


Now, the big thing that I’m going to talk about is something that you may or may not have heard of Google Alerts. So Google alerts are a great way to have the content you are specifically looking to share delivered straight to your email box. And I say, specifically because it’s you who sets up exactly what you want to see. So to use them, you’ll go into Google Alerts, and use keywords and key phrases to set up your alerts, you can then tell Google Alerts all sorts of different things based on what you want to see. Now to start setting it up, all you have to do is well, Google, Google Alerts set up a Google Help page on alerts should be the first result. Just click into that and go from there, the instructions are pretty easy and pretty clear. And best of all, it’s free.

Sally Jo

You gotta like that, if you are hungry for content, you may want to check out Feedly is a really fabulous tool. And it allows you to gather all this information in one place, about the topics that are important to your prospects and clients and allows you to share them so you can share them in an email, you can share them across multiple social media, avenues. And again, what does it do? It keeps you in the know, which is critical, right? You want to know what’s going on in their world and what challenges they’re facing and how things are changing.


Thanks, Sally Jo. Actually, before I talk about influencers, I love what you guys are talking about finding other content. And I just want to kind of elaborate a little bit on the content that we’re looking for, right? We tend as business development and salespeople to want to share all these things. But we have to step back and say, forget what we want to share, what is it they want to consume? And so what we’re doing with Feedly, and Google Alerts, and hashtags, is worth curating content that our buyers are already interested in. Right, so let’s go out and find the top influencers that are magnets for your buyers, who are already attracting them, who are sharing content that has all of your buyers engaging, and all of these people that are commenting their participants, they’ve bought a ticket to come listen to this keynote speak, and they’re all talking about that topic.

So absolutely, curate and share. This is an opportunity also to start conversations with these potential buyers. But we want to make sure that we’re not jumping in and pitching. We want to make sure that the conversation we’re starting with is what they care about, which is the topic they’re engaging on.

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