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How to Use LinkedIn Poll Results to Start Conversations

So somebody’s done a poll, they’ve conducted a poll, they’ve got these hundreds of votes, I’ve got all these people that replied, it’s closed, I got some statistics. Now, what do I do?


Well, so often when I’m sending it to them, when a little note, I’ll say, you know, thanks in advance for your vote, I’ll be happy to send you the results once the poll has closed. And there are a few ways to do that. If you go back and you message them directly from there, it will actually share the results as a closed poll. You can also create a little pie graph with a little insights on each of those. And highlight, you know, this is what you voted on. Right? And these are some insights that can help you on that particular answer. You can give them all the answers in a little ebook. So you’ve got you can only have four, Question four ways to vote for options. So maybe have an insight for each of those options. And when you send them the note, you’re sending them the pie graph with the results and now insights around those options and say, you know, you voted on this. That’s page four. I think you’ll get some great insights from that. We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any other questions how to chat, right, whatever that looks like and continue to bring them great value.


And to continue and start and continue a conversation, right? And so I wanted to bring that around. Because my tip is all-around practicality. I’m a practical kind of guy. And what Brian’s talking about is what happens after the fact. So I think that’s where you have to start. What is it that you’re going to share? How is it you’re going to have that conversation and reverse engineer it?

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