Don’t “Hack” LinkedIn with Automated Apps
Brynne Tillman |
LinkedIn is a professional network that, when used correctly, just might be the most powerful business development tool available to us today. But just like every other amazing tool, there are lots of entrepreneurs trying to hack the system. A common hack used by some members is installing automated applications that, among other things, view […]
LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Three Changes We Like
Bob Woods |
LinkedIn‘s Sales Navigator is in the process of undergoing some changes. If you or your company uses Sales Navigator, chances are you might be seeing them. LinkedIn is doing a slow roll-out of the new features across its SalesNav user base. If you’re not seeing them, you will soon. In the coming weeks, I’ll be […]
LinkedIn’s My Network Page and Your Connections
Bill Mccormick |
It’s a situation (or problem, depending on your point of view) for most any LinkedIn user: gaining quality LinkedIn connections. In our monthly video, we’ll show you how to manage the invitations and connection requests you receive from other LinkedIn members. Remember – you don’t have to accept all requests! We’ll also show you what […]
How Many Voicemail Messages Did You Leave on LinkedIn Today?
Brynne Tillman |
Yes, voice messaging…on LinkedIn – you read it correctly. While it is only available to your 1st-degree network, it is a great way to re-engage with all of those connections you have been ignoring. LinkedIn’s primary mobile app is offering all kinds of cool features to get on your connection’s radar. Voicemail, video messaging and […]
How is LinkedIn Like a Gym Membership?
Bill Mccormick |
I can remember talking to a potential client about helping them use LinkedIn in their business development efforts. The reply was something like, “Oh, we’re paying LinkedIn to train us.” Now, the last thing I want you to think is that I’m trashing LinkedIn. Without them, we’d all be in serious trouble. But I knew […]
Springtime is LinkedIn Building Time
Bill Mccormick |
It’s springtime, which means two things. One, the weather is getting warmer. Two, summer is next up on the calendar. While we’re enjoying the springtime weather, for many salespeople summer signals the start of the “summer doldrums.” A lot of people, especially the people they want to get a hold of, are on vacation in […]