5 Ways to Say Happy Thanksgiving to Your LinkedIn Connections
Brynne Tillman |
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It is celebrated by all American’s and is really about telling our family and friends how grateful we are to have them in our lives in a way that no other holiday does. It is about appreciating life and being thankful for all the goodness around us. I […]
101 LinkedIn Blog Titles That Attract Readers
Brynne Tillman |
90% of why people click through to your post is because your title intrigued them. Yup, it really doesn’t matter how good your content is if your headline is engaging. That being said, your content is what will build your long term followers and your reputation, so if you don’t want to be a 1 […]
The Essential Pre-Appointment Checklist for Social Sellers
Brynne Tillman |
I am thrilled to have my 2nd Post on LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions Blog. Being prepared for your prospecting appointments is critical, and in this post we will review the checklist of how to “LISTEN” with Social Selling. READ THE FULL ARTICLE: The Essential Pre-Appointment Checklist for Social Sellers  
LinkedIn Myth: If You Build it They Will Come, 9 Steps to More Views
Brynne Tillman |
    Just because you post great content doesn’t mean your target audience will find it. LinkedIn long-form publications has leveled the playing field for content marketing, everyone has an equal chance to share their ideas, strategies, tactics and educational content. However, there is no pixie dust, no magic potion and no guarantees that if […]
Don’t Sin on LinkedIn – Don’t Connect & Forget!
Brynne Tillman |
There are many sins that people commit on LinkedIn. This one is by far the most common sin and if you are in a sales or business development role you want to be sure you never commit it. You work all day to connect with new people, have conversations and get appointments, but often miss […]
6 Amazing Ways to Use the LinkedIn Apps
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It took a while, but I think they got it right this time…really. You know I am a big LinkedIn fan, in fact my entire business is centered around it, but I was always frustrated that the iPhone Apps just didn’t meet even the minimum level of acceptance, until now. Thank you LinkedIn, for finally […]